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From back cover of BUDDY: A LIFE WELL LIVED

The Memoir of William "Buddy" Butt - A Heritage Authors Biography
   Growing up as a farm boy and living through the depression and World War II
   Becoming a successful farmer and "huckster"
   Musician and Entertainer
   Community Activist
All within a 50-mile radius of his birth
From Novels to Biographies to Word Puzzles 
to  Self-Help Books
ENDORSEMENT:  When I started this book, little did I know it would be as interesting as I think it is. Janet, if we had not met, I would never have this accomplishment. Thanks for your interest and patience; it has been very easy with your help. 
From Back Cover of Once in a while in Philadelphia:

Ron Neumer likes to dress black-tie-formal when he visits the Frankford neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia where he grew up. Ron heard rumors that Rico James Paradise and Arlene Marie Denali were getting married and he wanted to show up properly dressed for the ceremony. No one in Frankford would miss this event if they received an invite. Somehow, Ron missed the wedding. Either he went to the wrong church or the news that Rico and Arlene were getting married was nothing more than talk on the street. God! Ron really wanted things to work out for them. Still, Ron had a good time. He ran into some old friends and he was glad he was dressed up and made a good impression. Calls were made and everyone gathered at Bobby Cee's Friendly Neighborhood Bar and Grille and between drinks and laughs they caught up on what was going on in their lives. Chuffy Howell cried out, "Hey Ron! What the hell ya wearin' a tux for in a corner bar anyway?" Ron just laughed. He took the Frankford El home and before he left Ron promised his friends he would visit them again real soon.
This biography was published for family and friends and is not for sale.
ENDORSEMENT:  I think one of the best reasons for publishing your work with Dr. Janet Cunningham and Heritage Authors® is that you get the feeling that it is a real team effort. She told me “I think it is good that ‘We’ go over this work with a fine-tooth comb because it will turn out better and stronger for your reader.” And she does this with one thought in mind, that You are the author and your work should come out exactly how you want it to be. 
     Janet is great in suggesting changes: “Maybe this word would be better” or “Perhaps we should try the sentence this way.” And you feel good hearing her thoughts because they are said in a suggesting and not a demanding way. I feel that one of her strengths is her punctuation and paragraph structure which makes your story a more enjoyable read. What a difference, I thought to myself after reading one of my stories after she made some real positive changes structure-wise. It’s like I am reading my story and it is even better than I thought it was.
I am so thrilled that my work is being published. And one of the things that made the process easier is that Janet always responds to E-Mails and she is just a phone call away. After all the work I will have to do to get my book out in the marketplace, I am thinking about writing a play. And I am only going to Janet Cunningham and Heritage Authors® to help me complete the process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ron Neumer

and Two Suns Press
Once in a while in Philadelphia by Ron Neumer can be purchased at Amazon.com and is available in paperback and Kindle editions.
This original and extremely valuable book is a breakthrough with wisdom and experience combined with practical steps that will awaken the reader’s mind to his or her “Life Story.” Unlike any other book of its kind, When Trouble Comes reveals the understanding of all kinds of trouble, especially those that relate to the “Themes” in the story of a person’s life. Various true stories are used to demonstrate how to produce positive outcomes utilizing the author’s innovative ideas, advice and concepts, often referred to as “Dr. Ed-isms.”
The author stresses the necessity to feel and acknowledge our emotions, yet to avoid acting on them – learning to balance emotional education with logic…in his words, “What makes sense.” Everyone can benefit from something in this book as Dr. Wallach brings the subject of Emotional Education to the forefront of our minds

When Trouble Comes: Discovering the Themes in the Story of Your Life by Dr. Edward Wallach is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions.  Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0169ITMKU
ENDORSEMENT: Janet Cunningham has been the perfect editor and publisher for me. Most importantly, as a counselor she understood what I was saying and gave recommendations to help the reader better comprehend my message. Janet personally handled the entire process from editing content to creative formatting to final publication in paperback and also Kindle. She was always available for phone discussions specifically related to my book, and also drawing from her personal experience as an author. I especially like the fact that Heritage Authors is a family-run operation and not a huge online business that is automated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Edward Wallach, Ph.D. 
"The soul lives on," according to Joseph Mancini, Ph.D., host of Explorations in Consciousness with Dr. Joe on VoiceAmerica radio, where he interviewed experts and pioneers in various dimensions of the field of past lives and consciousness.
In this book you will learn up-to-date thinking about past lives from experts in the field.
​    What Karma is--and is not.
    The nature and function of Soul Contracts.
    What children have taught us about former lives.
    What your birth experience tells you about your personality and nature.
    Group reincarnation experiences.
    Insight into Between-Lives memories.
    Research into physical healing through past-life regressions.
    Teachings about past lives from Seth through students of Jane Roberts
ENDORSEMENT: When I think of Janet’s work with me, I know that I could not have had a more compatible, capable, and reliable companion in my readying of my manuscript for publication. Not only was her speed as fast as she said it would be, but also her attention to detail was beyond what I had hoped for, especially given how large my book turned out to be We truly were a team as we tracked down errors in punctuation and usage. Moreover, her formatting skills rescued me from dilemmas in the text that I could not resolve. 
     She was always available when I needed her; hardly more than half an hour ever transpired before I received a return email, as though she had been in an office next to mine. If she didn’t know an answer to one of my questions—which was rare—she took the initiative to do some research. Her advice was always welcomed and on the mark. In short, I felt she had my back in every instance. Occasionally, when something went wrong or I tired of re-reading the manuscript for the umpteenth time, her gentle, but firm encouragement bucked me up every time.                                                                                                                                                       Joseph Mancini, Ph.D., CCHt
The Present Power of Past Lives: The Experts Speak by Joseph Mancini, Ph.D. can be purchased on Amazon.com
BUDDY: A Life Well Lived
Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the CIVIL WAR
by Joseph Mancini, Ph.D. can be purchased on Amazon.com
The Civil War is still with us! 
    It exists in our stereotyping of self and Other, in our polarized thinking, and in our unwillingness to see the presence of the Other within ourselves and in our groups.
    Come witness the struggles in past-life personae for life and liberty, conflicts paralleling the battles within and without in their present-day selves. And open to the healing potential of past-life regression and a more complex way of understanding oneself and the perceived enemy.
ENDORSEMENT: After the wonderful job that Janet did in editing my first book, there was no question that I would have her edit my second as well. Once again, I deeply appreciated her speed, availability, encouragement, initiative, advice and formatting skills. But, in my work with her on my second book, I found her to be a resource in still another way. 
     Ending the Endless Conflict carries a great deal of my heart and soul and is a book in which I take some risk in presenting an argument against polarization not only as it was displayed in the Civil War, but also as it is endemic to the present time. As we talked both about the technicalities of editing and about the content, Janet clearly helped me appreciate what I was doing in the book because she could follow and articulate my complicated argument in her own words. Her ability to function as an affirming mirror helped me have more confidence in what I was putting out to the world. I cannot thank her enough. 
                                                                                                          Joseph Mancini, Jr., Ph.D., CCHt.