Need help with editing your book or DVD?  
Our video and DVD editing arm is handled by Dan.
The book editing arm of Heritage Authors is handled by Janet. 
Janet Cunningham was my editor for my book, Some Day My Prince Will dot com. She was a very knowledgeable editor in terms of what was required in the publishing industry and she worked with my book both from a proofreading point of view and a flow of content point of view to help my story read the way she knew I intended it to. Janet is incredibly intuitive and an excellent writer herself and joined her creativity with mine in the spirit of telling my story so my readers would feel like they were living it with me! I highly recommend Janet to anybody who wants to share their own unique story with the world.
                                                                                              Diane Purdie
Family memories recorded as a teenager walks through their house in upstate New York before they all move.
"Dan, it was so exciting to see and hear my high school classmates - what an amazing job you did. This is something I will always keep close to my heart."
Janet Cunningham encouraged me to write my own narrative and changed my life in ways that are difficult to express. She listened to my story--a lifelong story of how I masked fear, loss, pain and rejection with pursuits of professional successes. Readers can learn about my journey in my new book, Eighteen Inches of Courage: A Journey from the Head to the Heart, the Most Difficult Journey in Life.  In it, I share the depth and breadth of the gifts that she shared with her gentle, loving, and kind nature.                                                                                                 Randy Neely
An interactive DVD that shows senior class photos, yearbook and newspaper clippings. You can click on a senior photo to read a description about their current life - or click on a video to see the classmate speaking at the reunion.

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