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From Back Cover of AMAZING PHRASE MAZES - Vol. 1 & 2

A Phrase Maze® is a new kind of word puzzle withunique features. Many interesting topics and themes are covered and the solver is rewarded with a satisfying sense of discovery. Phrase Mazes can be enjoyed without pencils, erasers or dictionaries and are chock-full of humor, wisdom, and food forthought. “Amazing Phrase Mazes” is filled with brain-stimulating challenges, thought-provoking fun and countless hours of entertainment.
Amazing Phrase Mazes by Joe Clark can be purchased at Amazon.com - Also look for
the Mini Sampler on Kindle!
ENDORSEMENT: Dr. Janet Cunningham has worked with me on 6 projects, soon to be 7. Since these were puzzle books, many complex diagrams and libraries had to be created from scratch. Producing these books was tedious and demanding but Janet met all the technical challenges with impressive skill. The excellent results reflect her patience and persistence. It’s great to collaborate with such a pleasant and hard-working person. Janet knows how to get things done.                                                                                                                                           Joe Clark

and Two Suns Press
Chess Nut Delight is filled with a tasty blend of amusing aphorisms, shirt pocket clip- outs, and challenging chess problems. 

These original two-move problems can’t be found in any other book. Each one has its own name and verse and is like a miniature kingdom where the residents have secret hidden agendas. Every piece has its purpose and the mysteries are slowly revealed as you become immersed in exploration. One of the problems is a double; if black moves first it also can mate in two moves. See if you can find it.

The back section of the book features two sizes of shirt pocket clip-outs which are great for problem solving on the go. 

Chess Nut Delight is a delicious feast for the mind and will provide many hours of fascinating entertainment.
Look for Chess Nut Delight by Joe Clark at Amazon.com
Alexander Salamander and Other Children's Poems by Joe Clark is the perfect book to read to your child. ​
Alexander Salamander makes friends with a little boy who has the same name. Read about their adventure and friendship. It makes a great read for a bedtime story with the kids.  
Alexander Salamander and Other Children's Poems by Joe Clark is also available at Amazon.com
Congratulations to Joe Clark, author of "Amazing Phrase Mazes," whose puzzle was published under "Brain Games" in the October issue of Prevention Magazine!